Orange Bio Dough (DOUGH ONLY)
Bio Dough

Orange Bio Dough (DOUGH ONLY)

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One of softest natural modelling doughs on the market made from food grade ingredients.

Bio Dough inspires imagination and sensory goodness with their inspirational colours and yummy scents. It is play at its best.


You will received 1x 125g White Coconut Bio Dough (Doesn't Include container)

This is an all Australian Made product.



What's the minimum age to use Bio Dough?
Bio Dough is recommended for kids 2 years up

Is Bio Dough gluten-free?
Bio Dough contains wheat, do not allow children with gluten sensitivities to use.

Is it safe for my kid to eat it?
Bio Dough testing shows that it is as safe as food, that said, Bio Dough is a toy and not supposed to be consumed. The salty taste wasn't covered, to discourage consumption.

What is the best way to preserve Bio Dough once open?
Bio Dough can be stored in the bio dough Lock and stack containers or a zip lock bag and should be kept it in a cool dry place.

If it was left in the open and dries do I have to throw it away?
Bio Dough is rehydratable, so if dries, simply add a few drops of water which will bring it back to its original state.

How can I clean Bio Dough?
-Leave it to dry and brush it off and then use a damp towel to remove any dirt or marks.

What's the shelf life of Bio Dough?
Bio Dough can last up to 2 years in its original packaging.